The Garden Collection

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Bronze Frith Sculpture, Robin

Product no.: TM047
£52.00 *

Bronze Frith Sculpture,Woody - Mouse

Product no.: S188

Available until 07/03/2020

£20.00 *

Bronze Frith Sculpture, Mortimer - Mouse

Product no.: WHM002
£27.00 *

Bronze Frith Sculpture, Pheasant

Product no.: TM023
£76.00 *

Squeak - Junior Hedgehog by Thomas Meadows

Product no.: TM049
£34.00 *


The Garden Collection

Each sculpture is crafted with amazing skill and attention to detail in Frith's special bronze finish.

Paul Jenkins began sculpting in wood, clay and wax before going on to study ceramics at Dudley College of Art. He is inspired by a love of nature, and of animals in particular. His work can be found in many galleries across the country.

The hugely talented Harriet Dunn is entirely self-taught and uses her love of the natural world to create bird and animal sculptures. Her very clever dog sculptures capture all the canine mannerisms that we love!

Veronica Ballan is from the North East of england. She has created in clay for many years, most notably emphasizing the texturual appearance of wool or fur in her well known animal bronze sculptures.

Adrian Tinsley is a skilled ceramicist and has a successful business in The Potteries producing tableware. He has sculpted especially for us our contemporary collection - Metropolitan.

Thomas Meadows works out of his Dorset studio, is both a painter and sculptor. He is well known for his animals and has created Hares, Stags, Chickens, Ducks for us as well as far more. He is known for his versatility and the ability to sculpt any subject.