News and Events

News and Events

Cirencester Local Artist Exhibition

April 2015


In April 2015 we held our 2nd exhibiiton at our Cirencester Gallery and it was a great sucess. We would like to thank all the local artists who exhibitited. 

Above is the winner of our 2015 Spring Event - Onelia Pena Galves


Newbury Local Artist Exhibition

October 2014


In October 2014 we held our first exhibition showcasing local artists. It was a huge success and had over 50 artists submit work. The variety on display made the Gallery a buzz of excitement for the duration of the exhibition.

To view more of photos from the exhibition please visit out Facebook page.

We are planning to hold another Local Artist Exhibition in our Cirencester Gallery in Spring of 2015. Please contact our Cirencester Gallery directly for more information. 




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Artist Exhibitions

Over the years we have held a number of exhibitions showcasing artists such as Sarah Ewing, Rozanne Bell, Nigel Cooke and many more. 

We are in the process of planning new and exciting exhibitions for 2017.


Are you a local Artist?

Do you need some framing done?

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