Yulia Lisle

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A Floral Display by Yulia Lisle

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Blooming Wonderful by Yulia Lisle

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Yulia Lisle

Yulia Lisle was born in Ukraine and lived in the small town of Odessa. Her drawings she did as a child were of scenes from movies in sequence, rather like the way a cartoon is made. She saw herself becoming a movie artist and started to draw more and more.

In school Yulia was given specialist art classes where she given more lessons to draw, paint and to study art history. After school she went to university in Ukraine were she studied graphical-art and once she completed her degree she got a job as an Art Teacher in a private school in Odessa where she had her own studio.

Yulia has always been interested in art and she loves painting flowers, landscapes and seascapes. She especially enjoys the depth, form and relief that oils give which is a strong feature of her paintings. All the places she has been over the years including Birmingham; where she now lives gives her inspiration for her paintings.