Tony Gittins

Tony Gittins


Tony Gittins

Tony Gittins was born in Wolverhampton in 1970. Tony left school with ‘A’ Levels in Art and Design and at the age of 17 he decided to join his father’s company so he could fund his passion for painting. At the age of 26 Tony decided to dedicate more time to his artwork and he pushed to become a full time artist.

Over the next few years Tony had an opportunity of doing some freelance work, his paintings took priority until he had his first publishing deal a few years later. From then his passion for fine art has burnt ever stronger and he now considers himself bless to create original works every day. Having experimented with different styles, mediums and subjects; Tony now finds that his paintings are best suited to oil and canvas onto which he creates highly lit cities and landscapes.

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Lovers Walk by Tony Gittins

Product no.: 357

Located at our Newbury Gallery

£495.00 *

Big Ben by Tony Gittins

Product no.: 312


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We''ll Meet Again by Tony Gittins

Product no.: 198

Located at our Basingstoke Gallery

£875.00 *

Hearth and Home by Tony Gittins

Product no.: 217
£875.00 *

In The Deep Midwinter by Tony Gittins

Product no.: 230
£550.00 *

Homeward Bound by Tony Gittins

Product no.: 097


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