The Little Dog Laughed

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New Terrier Dogs Art Print - Caught

Product no.: TLDL1
£10.00 *

New Scottish Deerhound Terrier Art Print - Twins

Product no.: TLDL2
£10.00 *

New Greyhound Art Print - Smile

Product no.: TLDL6
£10.00 *

New Staffie Art Print - Staffie Love

Product no.: TLDL7
£10.00 *

New Long Haired Tabby Cat Art Print - Let It Go

Product no.: TLDL8
£10.00 *

New Wire Hair Jack Russell Art Print - Scruffy Love

Product no.: TLDL4
£10.00 *

New Dachshund Dog Art Print - Sausage

Product no.: TLDL11
£10.00 *

New Dog Art Print - Growing Old Together

Product no.: TLDL13
£10.00 *


Anna Danielle


Anna Danielle, artist and designer studied printed textiles at Winchester School of Art, back in a decade that now requires much scrolling to reach the correct tick box. Anna’s final degree project featured cows. Lots and lots of cows. Each student was required to have a quote or sentence that best described their work. Anna’s artwork has always been animal based, simple and full of gentle humour. Consequently, being in a bovine frame of mind she chose the line from the Hey Diddle Diddle nursery rhyme “the little dog laughed to see such fun”.

As a result, this later became her final choice of company name which then led directly to her next subject matter.  Scruffy Mutts. And she has been here pretty much ever since!

It was during the second year of her degree that Anna Danielle had her first experience of designing greeting cards. That was her eureka moment.  Two decades on she is still creating cards and gifts inspired by her love of all things four legged and furry. Anna primarily works with watercolour and pen and gets much of her inspiration from the photos and anecdotes loyal Little Dog followers send to her via email or her Facebook page.

Recently her artwork has evolved to include the AppleMac as part of her artistic process. By combining her watercolour sketches with flat computer generated colour backgrounds, her digs&manor collection has given Anna’s artwork a new lease of life and gained her many new fans.