Susan B Leigh

Susan B Leigh


Susan B Leigh

Susan realised from a very early age that art would be at the core of her being, and would ultimately form part of her future career.
After art college, she decided textile design was the direction she wanted to pursuit. Having an ardent love of the French Impressionists she explored new boundaries between subject and form, media and texture, and colour and light. She looked primarily to nature for inspiration and constantly strived (and still does!) to express her perceptions and not exact representations.
She became design manager for a leading UK bedlinen and home furnishing company creating design ranges for high street department stores including John Lewis, M&S, Habitat and BHS, before eventually going freelance. Constantly challenging herself she also studied Interior Design and worked simultaneously in both disciplines with a little teaching on the side.
Susan loves to paint nature, predominantly focusing on flowers and animals of the wild, farmyard, and pet variety. Colour, form and expression have taken on a new meaning for Sue and she wants to explore this through painting whilst integrating her background in design.

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Flamboyant Flamingo by Susan B Leigh

Product no.: 226

Located at our Basingstoke Gallery

£525.00 *

Harvey Hare by Susan B Leigh

Product no.: 165
£525.00 *

Hey Good Looking! by Susan B Leigh

Product no.: 194

Located at our Marlborough Gallery

£525.00 *

Horace by Susan B Leigh

Product no.: 283
£525.00 *

Lenny The Lion

Product no.: 167

Located at out Salisbury Gallery

£525.00 *

Rajah by Susan B Leigh

Product no.: 103

Located at our Basingstoke Gallery

£795.00 *

Sabor by Susan B Leigh

Product no.: 104


£0.00 *

The Boss by Susan B Leigh

Product no.: 044
£595.00 *

Zebra by Susan B Leigh

Product no.: 102


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Tiger by Susan B Leigh

Product no.: 036

Located at our Sailsbury Gallery

£525.00 *
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