Nigel Cooke

Nigel Cooke


Nigel Cooke

Nigel Cooke was born in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, he joined the Merchant Navy after leaving school and then held a number of full time jobs on the road to becoming a full time artist.

He sold his first painting at the age of 14 and joined Butlins as their resident caricature artist in 1992.  He later went on to open caricature concessions in a number of places and during this time he estimates the number of caricatures completed for live sittings to be in excess of 50,000.

"My art is mainly humorous figurative paintings of people interacting" he said.  "Naturally this has its foundations in my lifelong dedication to portraiture, caricature, humorous illustration and character design."

Looking to translate his unique point of view into other fields, Nigel has recently begun a series of high contrast cityscapes which elevate his illustrative style into fine art.

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Tower Bridge by Nigel Cooke

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Located at our Salisbury Gallery

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Westminster Bridge by Nigel Cooke

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