Lillias Blackie

Lillias Blackie


Lillias Blackie

Lillias Blackie is a contemporary Scottish artist whose work has been purchased all over the UK and beyond. She produces original oil paintings on board and canvas.

Lillias combines her natural talent with her memories of her time on beaches of her past, as well as the way she relates to flowers to create pieces of work that opens your eyes and mind to the beauty of her memories and talent.

Her work investigates different moods in her seascapes. Using her paint brush, she seeks to open your mind to the peace, tranquillity and turmoil in the paintings she has created.

Purchased as part of collections all over the world, her oil paintings are all original and have been purchased by HRH Princess Anne. Lillias has work for sale through art galleries and craft and design fairs throughout the UK.

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Sunset Stroll by Lillias Blackie

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Located at our Cirencester Gallery

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Violet Shores by Lillias Blackie

Product no.: 561


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