Katie Day

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New Ocean Breakers by Katie Day

Product no.: 070

Located at our Salisbury Gallery

£595.00 *

Building Swell by Katie Day

Product no.: 081


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Approaching Storm I by Katie Day

Product no.: 082

Located at our Salisbury Gallery

£595.00 *

New Approaching Storm II by Katie Day

Product no.: 089

Located at our Marlborough Gallery

£595.00 *


Katie Day

Katie has had a love and fascination with the natural world from when she was a young girl. This passion is reflected in the works she creates drawing on her inspirations from wildlife, landscapes and the beautiful colours she sees in everyday nature and the world about us.

Having experimented with different techniques and mediums over the years, Katie has more recently played to her strengths using Alcohol inks & acrylics and is enjoying the potential of these wonderful mixed media. With the fluidity and vibrancy as well as the unexpected spontaneity, the results in these bright coloured and dye-based paints can produce amazing textures and unique effects drawing the viewer into her world.


Katie's style is to combine the looseness of fluid art but with a focused realism as this allows her to both be free and deliver detail together. The unpredictable nature of the inks can offer some outstanding results that captivate. In addition to these media, Katie likes to embellish and enhance the works with the use of metallics, adding another wonderful dimension to the viewer, and caught in the right light reveals some truly wonderful results to each work in turn.