Helen Allen

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New Atlantis by Helen Allen

Product no.: 044

Located at our Marlborough Gallery

£895.00 *

New Discovery by Helen Allen

Product no.: 050

Located at our Marlborough Gallery

£895.00 *

Enterprise by Helen Allen

Product no.: 042


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Challenger by Helen Allen

Product no.: 043


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Helen Allen

Helen Allen is an extraordinary example of a self-taught artist.

After rekindling her love for art a few years ago, Helen bought herself some pencils and a pad that has ultimately led her on an exciting ever changing journey.  After a time, she transitioned to painting and a new passion was born. Subsequently, Helen began to sell pieces of her work, so she decided to take the bold move and make painting her full time career.

 Helen loves to explore an array of colour pallets in her work, using her unique style of painting to demonstrate her ability to blend hues effortlessly.  This contemporary style of abstract art has been produced using several mixed media techniques to create texture and a base, which is then predominantly finished with layers of oil paint. No two pieces of Helen’s art are the same, with each painting depicting a unique and truly exclusive viewing experience.

 Helen is a Berkshire born artist where she still resides with her family.