Ben Payne


Ben Payne

Ben Payne has built a reputation for creating artwork which is fresh, escapist and above all, uplifting. Born in Surrey in 1975, he began drawing portraits and painting as a hobby. Although he is almost self taught Ben is able to respond to challenges and create artwork that’s both technically accomplished and highly accessible.

Ben went to Southampton University and gained a degree in Psychology and he went on to become an independent therapist and pursed a career field of Autism working with young children. Whist he pursed his career he continued paining in his spare time.

His high-impact land, sky and seascapes are inspired by the landscapes and coastlines around the world.

Ben believes that working with children has taught him to value simplicity and to communicate in a very direct and accessible language. While his subjects are realistic they often have dreamlike overtones, rendering them an intriguing combination of enchantment and sophistication.