Polar Bear from Edge Sculpture

Product no.: ED30

Height - 15.2"

Length - 15.1"

Depth - 8.7"

Edge pride themselves on their ability to keep the integrity of the original clay sculpture alive so nothing is more important than the first rubber mould. A careful mix of marble resin is then patiently poured into the prepared master mould, which is then lowered into a vacuum chamber to aid the bleeding process to remove those unwanted air bubbles that still may otherwise reside within the casing. Once cured and properly hardened, the cast can be removed to reveal the first clean white sample. The piece then finds its way back to the Design Studio in order to complete its journey through the development phase. The colour patterns are developed and the chosen hues applied until a Studio Master is created. This is ultimately the piece with which all subsequent production pieces are compared against, to maintain our excellent level of continuity.


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