Jamie Wilson

Jamie Wilson


Jamie Wilson

Jamie's passions at school were the creative subjects of Art, Woodwork and Music. After leaving he chose to go to Art College but on completion decided to retrain as a carpenter. Alongside this he maintained his creativity with his hobbies of music and acting. Playing drums in his band 'Sea Monkeys' and  some TV appearances.

His carpentry was acknowledged after creating a memorial for the victims of 9/11 for the American Embassy in London and building a Leonardo da Vinci supersized crossbow for Channel 4.

In 2011, Jamie decided to revisit his artistic roots and restarted his career after an intensive study of artists' techniques. Then in  2013 he started exhibiting in small local galleries in Wiltshire progressing on to larger ones with some success in exhibitions.

Jamie currently lives in a small Wiltshire town with his wife and two children, where he continues to paint in his garden studio. 

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Change by Jamie Wilson

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Located at our Salisbury Gallery

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Peace by Jamie Wilson

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Located at our Salisbury Gallery

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Dream by Jamie Wilson

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New Mighty Oak by Jamie Wilson

Product no.: 025

Located at our Basingstoke Gallery

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