Terry Evans

Terry Evans


Terry Evans

Terry Evans was born in 1943 in Romford, Essex. He started painting for self-satisfaction; his subjects were portraits, racing-cars and dogs. Terry experimented with watercolour and acrylics and then he tried oils. This was a turning point in his career as he found the expressive freedom of working in paint that stayed workable for days.

Terry wields his palette knife with aplomb but he also adds fine subtle touches with a thin long-haired sable. He generously loads the canvas with oil paint, lavishly applied with enjoyment. The canvasses groan under the weight of his impasto sculptured landscapes.

He has also added his own subject preferences to the style. The paintings tell of a wilderness with running water, glades, rocks, pools, mountains, trees and flowers.

Terry’s pictures are collected by a wide public, among others the Russian Ambassador to London, Barclays Bank and the Queen of Ghana, Saudi Arabia. The Queen gave him a personal gift of an 18 carat gold pen and pencil set when he delivered her paintings!

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Early Snow by Terry Evans

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First Light by Terry Evans

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Reflections by Terry Evans

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