Alan Barker

Alan Barker



Alan Barker

Alan Barker was born in 1952 in Yorkshire, England.

He graduated from Newcastle University in 1976 with a degree in agriculture, and subsequently worked in the veterinary field for six years, prior to becoming a full-time artist.

Alan is a self taught artist and has had no formal training. This allowed him to experiment and develop his own style and technique that is so evident in his work.

He now lives on an idyllic small farm in East Anglia surrounded by some three acres that he has landscaped with flight ponds, interspersed between natural un-spoilt meadow and delightful wooded areas. This environment gives him the perfect inspiration to paint his woodland landscapes.

Alan is able to use the light cleverly and create a mystical atmosphere together with a technical and emotional strength which is evident in each canvas that comes from his studio.



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Early Dawn by Alan Barker

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Winter Sunlight by Alan Barker

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Sunlit Birches by Alan Barker

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Winter Wonderland by Alan Barker

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